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A Free First-person Shoot and Mild Tactical Elements

Mission Counter Attack starts each mission with a different gun, and the aim is to use the gun and its different tactical elements to eliminate the enemy NPCs before they kill you. Play within small mission maps and eliminate the enemies as efficiently as you can.

Destroy your enemy as efficiently as possible

Mission Counter Attack is not as tactical as its developers would have you believe. For example, you can crouch and choose different weapons, but mastering the game is more about picking the right target and hitting it before your life runs out. The life bar goes down no matter what you do because the enemies seem to be able to see you through walls, so it is more like you are on a timer than playing a tactical FPS. You have a very limited amount of ammo per mission, and you cannot reload. You can buy upgrades, but most of the game is spent aiming at a target and hoping it doesn't move before you can shoot. More ammo or a reload function would have made this game much better. It is possible to run around in your own direction, but hiding behind objects is ineffective, and there are limited directions you can move, which makes the game feel like a rail shooter.

Not as free as it seems!

Mission Counter Attack is a free game because you can download and play it for free, but some of the content is locked behind a paywall, and even though you are able to grind some of the gear upgrades, you will not be able to continue through levels without paying for levels or paying for gear upgrades. The game is more of a rail shooter, and despite being unintentional, it is a stronger game when the stealth-sniper mode is not engaged and you are simply using a machine gun.


  • The gunshot sounds are pleasant and full-bodied
  • It is possible to level up your character
  • Alternate between fast-paced and slow-paced shooting
  • Play up to 25 maps for free


  • There is no reload function
  • Control sensitivity is poorly optimized
  • Like a rail-shooter with very limited ammo
  • Have to pay to unlock levels

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